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Quad Cities United Soccer ClubQuad Cities United Soccer ClubQuad Cities United Soccer Club

Join a premier soccer club with professional coaching and player development! 

About Us


Quad Cities United Soccer

A premier soccer club with excellent coaching, an emphasis on player development and sportsmanship! We have been in the business of soccer since 2002 and our business in purely soccer!


A Tradition of Team Success

Our teams compete at a high level structured to the individual team. We have college search teams, competitive level teams, adult teams,  and youth academy developmental training. Our club maintains a high level of success with tournament wins and athletes continuing into collegiate sports. 


On and Off The Field

At Quad Cities United, we keep our players going by providing fitness and skill training that players do with their teams and on their own. We provide soccer developmental training, Athlete Development Training and other skill sets to help our athletes reach their personal best. The best players are made when no one is watching. 

Soccer During Quarantine


We greatly miss all of our Quad Cities United Family! During this time of social distancing, we do not want your footwork to get rusty! Try this once a day to keep practicing your footwork! 

Dribble, dribble, dribble!

This weeks video offers a perfect setup to practice your dribbling with a small amount of space. Use cones if you have them, otherwise any small object will work to mark your space! Get dribbling! 

Agility Training!

On top of our soccer drills, we also need to work on our speed and agility training. This video provides excellent drills to help us keep our quickness that we have been working towards!

Meet The Team


Kristin Ryan Flynn

Kristin Ryan Flynn

Kristin Ryan Flynn

Meet Kristin, she is one of our Board Members and holds both titles of Club Director and Coaching Director! Kristin is the coach and fitness trainer of our Adult Co-ED Teams for both our Lower and Upper Team. Kristin has been an extremely successful and competitive athlete ever since she could walk. Kristin was an All American Collegiate Swimmer and holds Swimming Records at both her High School and College. Kristin continues an ongoing fitness club that is open to all adults of all fitness levels. 


John Flynn

Kristin Ryan Flynn

Kristin Ryan Flynn

Meet John, John is the Club President of Quad Cities United. As President, John is in charge of the Club Finances and Managing various aspects of the club. John has a passion for soccer and all sports. John began his coaching career with soccer over 25 years ago. John has coached and assisted all ages and levels of soccer for many years. John is also the legal advisor for the club. When John is not watching soccer or helping with training, he is practicing law!  


Lexi Flynn

Kristin Ryan Flynn

Lexi Flynn

Meet Lexi, Lexi is our Player Relations Coordinator and Assistant Director of Coaching. Lexi assists with all of the training and fitness plans for our teams. Lexi is a lifelong soccer player and coaches our younger teams! Lexi was a 4 Time State Champion Soccer Player, All State and All Conference Player, and the Wendy's High school Heisman winner for the state of Iowa. Lexi continued her career by being a NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Athlete. Lexi is also a player on our Adult  Teams! 



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Davenport Soccer Complex

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To Be Continued

All further events have been postponed due to COVID-19. Please check back once soccer seasons are ab 

Davenport Soccer Complex


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